4 Strategies to Enhance Your Communication Skills

Improve Your Communications Skills for Leading a Diverse Workforce

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Webinar Host Dr. Kim Moore

Dr. Kim Moore is a certified coach, speaker and trainer with the John Maxwell Team. Dr. Moore is passionate about equipping aspiring, emerging and experienced leaders to expand their influence, lead with confidence and achieve significance! An authority in professional development for communications, success, leadership, growth and influence, Dr. Moore is your guide to leading with confidence! 

Research shows that leaders spend more than 70% of their time communicating.

The ability to effectively communicate is the most highly prized soft skill in the work place. Yet, very few leaders have the correct training that can enable them to maximize on this important leadership skill.

To lead a diverse workforce, you must have effective communications skills.

Take a moment to reflect on your effectiveness as a communicator and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you understand your audience?
  • Are you practicing active listening?
  • Are your communications proactive?
  • Are you communicating in a visible and personal manner?

Above all, the most important question to ask yourself is this; are your communications promoting effective leadership?

A recent study by American Express and Millennial Branding found a significant disconnect between the communications styles of mature leaders and millennials.

As an aspiring, emerging or experienced leader, your can address and overcome these disconnects. Several factors are in your favor, including:

  1. Research shows that leaders who understand their audience are more successful in communicating their message.
  2. Like riding a bike, the ability to connect is a skill which can be learned.
  3. As digital natives, millennials are very comfortable with technology.

During this free 50 minute webinar, you will learn four communication strategies vital to promoting effective leadership. 

You will have the option to download your free copy of the "Communications Skills for Effective Leadership" report during registration.


Everyone who participates will receive a free copy of my "10 Steps for Leadership Success" e-book. 

This webinar will improve your communications skills for leading a diverse workforce.

If you're a leader wanting to improve your communications skills, this is a “must attend” webinar!


"To be an effective leader, you must be an effective communicator"

- Dr. Kim Moore