Transform Your Goals Into Reality

5 Crucial Steps for Successful Goal Accomplishment

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Webinar Host Dr. Kim Moore

Dr. Kim Moore is your leadership guide, and certified coach, speaker and trainer with The John Maxwell Team. Dr. Moore equips aspiring leaders to expand their influence, guides emerging leaders to lead with confidence, and coaches accomplished leaders to achieve significance.

It’s only natural to have goals we want to achieve, but many of us struggle with how to reach those goals, and how to turn those goals into reality. Sometimes, it’s not very easy to determine how to achieve our goals, or we let the obstacles that stand in our way block us from reaching those goals.

During this training, you will learn:

  • Success steps for goal accomplishment
  • Selection and prioritization of goals
  • How to stay motivated throughout the process!

We all want to be successful and happy, have dreams of what we want to accomplish, and achieving a life of significance. Many times, the goals that seem impossible to reach are much more achievable than we initially think; we just need to break them down into more manageable steps so that we realize the goal is achievable.

The key to achieving the most we can out of life and getting the most happiness is to turn our goals into reality.

Learn goal planning strategies that really work!